New Resource for Business and Reorganization Attorneys


Our consulting firm is focused on providing new resources for under performing and distressed companies. We offer a full range of consulting and or interim management solutions. Our fees are reasonable and maybe based in part/contingent on results!

Business owners and Corporate Attorneys should welcome an outside expert consultant to evaluate their/clients Company's future prospects. The expert is able to make a competent and dispassionate review of the company's situation and available alternatives.

While the alternatives may initially be obscure, the core of the diagnosis is simple and follows the same broad lines; the enterprise's efforts are not producing the desired results. A systematic and penetrating analysis of costs and revenues, including entire product lines, must be undertaken. Costs that do not contribute to profits must be eliminated. New/innovative ways of producing, marketing and distributing products and services must be considered. In addition, the accumulated obligations may or not be supportable for the company. They may have to be restructured, postponed, reduced or converted into something that is supportable. Again it is best that Business owners and their Corporate Attorneys not have all the responsibility for the creation and selling of a reconstruction/reorganization plan!

We can increase credibility with various stakeholders; creditability can be a second currency when dealing with bankers, employees/unions and creditors. We buy time in order assist our clients to reposition/streamline their operations.

It is well known, that many executives, just like "simple" workers and middle managers, resist change. The press of the day-to-day business is their concern and the fear of the unknown is a problem for many at all levels. Yet, an outside expert/consultant looks undaunted at where the company needs to be, sees the past misfortunes and errors, however he focuses on how to get the company back on track.

The search for value in under performing companies is the first step on the road to recovery. The organization's survival will depend on how well the company capitalizes on opportunities and protects itself against vulnerabilities that occur inside and outside the organization. The survival will also depend on how the company deals with its customers changing needs. For a growing number of small and medium sized companies, selling expenses have severely cut into profits and additional sales come at even higher incremental selling expense. The governing strategy for these companies cannot be 'more of the same’; it must be "a better way"! It must be an innovative way of satisfying the existing market and/or a new market.

The fact is, management concerned about keeping the doors of the enterprise open are rarely able, on their own, to simultaneously turn their company around. They are too busy, too stressed and the decisions required generally run contrary to their instincts honed in operating profitable companies. Accounting firms and other purely financially oriented advisors can help companies reduce expenses, improve cash flow and sometimes to restructure finances. This is fine as far as it goes, but what is really needed by under performing /distressed companies most of the time, is a consultant that can do the foregoing as well as being able to restructure, reengineer and reposition the operations of the company with innovative strategies and methods concerning product focus and development, manufacturing, distribution and promotion.

Our team of experts has over 60 years of progressive experience with Fortune 500 companies as well as midsize and small companies. Our goal as consultants is to provide exceptional benefits far in excess of our costs and we have a history of doing just that. Let us review your situation at no cost to you. For a free consolation you can reach us at or call us @412-445-0703. We look forward to hearing from you.
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